While painting my garage…

I’ve spent the last 3 days painting the walls in our garage. It’s taken a lot longer than I thought it would. It’s not just painting the walls…

On one wall I needed to remove some ugly non-functional shelves and then put up some beautiful new ones… and then put all the stuff back in place in bins.

On another wall, I needed to finish assembling the work bench that I bought and parked there unfinished 4 years ago… and then I painted behind it.

On the third wall, I needed to clean off all the junk thrown onto two large shelving units 3 years ago, paint the walls behind and then put it all back together.

What have a I learned??

Clearly, I am a P on the Meyers-Briggs and not a J.

The parallels to the rest of my life are pretty obvious. I need to focus. I need to finish what I start. I’m amazed that I can “walk by” messes in my life every day and simply mutter, “I gotta clean this up.”

Oh Lord, this year I don’t want to walk by you every day either…

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