Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • 1. Coaching skills – Ritual focus before I begin, Recovery when I'm distracted, Permission before I give advice. #
  • 2. Coaching skills – Bottom-lining when they are lost, Championing when they are discouraged, Clearing when they are upset. #
  • Give your team growth assignments: Actions for immediate results, Observations for increased awareness, Practices for new habits. #
  • Healthy people do not dwell in the past nor escape to a fantasized future; they live in the moment, today… leaning toward tomorrow. #
  • Even if we are unaware of them, our deepest needs drive our thoughts, emotions, choices and mindset. Build awareness! #
  • Unfortunately we may compromise our values to inappropriately meet our needs. Needs are important, but values trump! #

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