Twitter weekly digest ending 2014-04-27

  • Silence maximizes conversations; a few seconds of discomfort brings new discoveries. #coachingleader #vk 2014-04-21
  • If the team member suddenly changes the topic, ASK: How does this new topic relate to the previous topic? #coachingleader #vk 2014-04-22
  • RT @MarkOOakes: Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts ~ Edward R. Murrow #leadership 2014-04-24
  • If they say FEEL, ask: "What it feels like?" If they say HEAR, "What does it sounds like?" If they say SEE, "What does it look like?" #vk 2014-04-24
  • Before you end the meeting, ASK: What would be a stretch goal for you regarding the plans you have designed? #coachingleader #vk 2014-04-25
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