It is impossible to live in freedom…

This week in America we are celebrating our nation’s independence from England.

Although we became autonomous and “free,” the citizens of America did not experience freedom.

They just switched from submission to a king to submission to a constitution.

It really is impossible to live in freedom… perhaps our only freedom is to choose our terms of submission.

If we attempt to live in freedom without submitting to gravity or time, we eventually fall or the sun goes down.

If we live in a nation and do not submit to its laws, we eventually are deported or incarcerated.

If we don’t submit to members of our family, we won’t enjoy the relationships (or probably an inheritance).

If we don’t mutually submit in marriage, we expierience tyranny, loneliness or a disatisfying 50/50 compromise.

If we don’t submit to God, we spend our lives in futile rebellion like a bird trapped in a screened-in porch.

I’ve switched my quest for freedom and autonomy to a life-long search for meaningful submission.

How about you? Do you live in freedom?

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