Hate resolutions? Do this one thing to launch your year.

I used to hate doing New Year’s Resolutions / planning for the new year / setting annual goals or whatever else someone told me I should do as a leader.

Until I read Stephen Covey’s approach to ROLES.

Simply make a list of all the roles you have in your life and put one or two action points for each role. DONE! Your planning is finished and you can easily track yourself each week/month/quarter to see how you are doing.

1. Don’t be shocked when you see how many roles you have. This is why you often feel tired and overwhelmed. What can you eliminate?
2. Start with roles in your personal life and then roles at work.
3. For your primary work, list your “job title,” but also list 3-5 functional roles you play such as: Team Scheduler, Conflict Resolver, Coffee Maker, etc.
4. Ask the primary people you serve in each role what “one thing” you need to do in the next 90 days.
5. Post your roles on your bathroom mirror to stay focussed each day.

Here are some of my roles
Leader of myself (personal health, education, addictions, etc.)
Husband of my wife
Father of my children (one thing for each child)
Family Operations Manager (finances, home repairs, vacation planner, etc.)
Volunteer at church

Progress Coaching – Executive Coach
+ Coach
+ Marketing Director
+ Researcher

Global Fokus – Director
+ fundraiser
+ Manager
+ Young Entrepreneur Mentor

UT Dallas – Student in Masters Program for Organizational Behavior


Give it a try!
Send me your list of roles at

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