Build a bridge across your GAP every day

Every day there are gaps between our dreams and reality. Developing the habit of attacking these gaps is a critical component of self-leadership.

1. The GAP is not an accident
The GAP is there for a reason. You may have dreams and desires, but there is a reason that you have not made them a reality — admit to yourself that you need to be intentional.

2. Don’t do the easy stuff first
Often I make the mistake of sacrificing my most productive moments on “warm-up” easy tasks instead of focusing on the 2-3 GAP projects that need to be done today.

3. Build a plan to bridge the GAP
Even if it seems silly, grap a post-it note, state the GAP clearly and list action steps to get it done. Stick the note in front of your face until it is done.

Leading yourself is a daily battle of choices.

Choose to attack the highest priorities, choose to attack the projects that are unpleasant, choose to attack the GAPs… and celebrate when you reach the other side.

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