Do you have enough resources to get to Mars?

solarspacerace1Great armies ran out of food if they advanced beyond their supplies or their pillages were unfruitful.

Explorers on the sea needed to find land often enough to re-supply or they would starve on their ships.

Basketball coaches with weak benches need to manage the minutes of their best players so that the team finishes strong in the fourth quarter.

Multi-leaders need to manage resources because larger enterprises can starve more quickly.

Do you have enough funding to launch the new store if it underperforms?
Do you have a strong enough team to accommodate attrition?
How can you generate resources as you go? (Most space explorers use solar energy instead of stored fuel).
What other leaders generate resources? You cannot do this on your own!
Do you have enough resources to not only begin, but to flourish and grow?

What have you learned about resources?

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