Death by meeting re-visited three ways

How much time, energy and money do you waste each week in meetings?
We can’t do without them, but we can redeem them.

Death by Meeting
I love Pat Lencioni’s book Death by Meeting. Not only is it great content, but the title is captivating.
Go here for outlines and dowloads related to this important book.

Seven Rules for More Effective Meetings
Michael Hyatt has re-visited this theme with his own list of ways to make meetings more effective:

  1. Establish hard edges.
  2. Create an agenda.
  3. State the desired outcome.
  4. Review the minutes and action items.
  5. Take written minutes.Clarify action items.
  6. Determine the next meeting date.

Ten Commandments of Meetings
Dave Patchin provides a cheeky list of 10 ways to make meetings better.

Why do you hate meetings?
What would your subordinates say about the meetings you lead?
What tools do you use?
Post your comments below.

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