Beans and Rice: because I want to

A bunch of us from our church are trying to eat mostly beans and rice this week (and drink tap water.)

The idea is to severely reduce the volume, variety and cost of our food to identify with the poor and hungry in our town and places all over the world.

Globally, many people eat on $1 per person per day. In the USA, those on food stamps eat on about $3 per person per day. As far as I can tell, beans and rice comes out to about $0.60 per day.

Fasting is always kind of a mystery to me. God’s people have always fasted. It could be for repentance or wisdom or protection or for contrition. It could be because God tells them to do it.

But the magic happens when you have food, yet choose to not eat it. Its that choice that causes you spiritual pain and growth. To fight the appetite and urge to eat when you KNOW that the food is RIGHT THERE waiting for you. To say, “I will control myself,” is a powerful thing in God’s hands.

Poverty is completely different. I have no firsthand experience at this, but I think that with poverty God is asking something different. He is asking if we trust him to be our provider; it is a question of faith more than the brokenness of fasting.

Oh Lord — I don’t really like fasting because it shows me how weak I am as I struggle to not sneak triscuits from the cabinet. Develop a depth to my character! Regarding poverty, thank you that so far I have never been poor. Help me to see and feel and help those who are. Help me to help them to see you as their provider.

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